Almost every startup needs funding to keep disrupting and scale up. We have created a unique service model for startups that shifts the hassles of fundraising to us. Now you can focus upon your core area and let us do the complicated work.

We create the opportunity for pitching. Angel Networks have a network of investors whom you can pitch, however, they are very selective. As per the joint research conducted by Colin Mason , Tiago Botelho and Justyna Zygmunt of Adam Smith Business School, Norwich Business School and Opole University of Technology, most of the Angel Networks in the World, reject 73% of funding applications at the start of the process (first impressions), rest 16% at initial screening and another 6% at the due diligence stage leaving just 3% that are consummated. You may download the research here: Angel Investment Research

We solved this problem, we don't reject any startup. We create opportunity for the startups through our direct connections with Angel Investors, Angel Networks, VCs & Family Offices. As our client, you will be able to pitch to various investors and raise funds. We will recommend you in our network, we will create syndicates to get multiple investors, you just have to focus upon pitching.

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