About StartupLanes

StartupLanes is an online ecosystem for Startups. Entrepreneurs can Raise Funds, Develop Prototype, Build Applications, Create Legal Agreements, Validate Idea, Recruit Candidates and Learn.

The Problem:
Fundraising is an essential goal of startups. Unfortunately, Investment Bankers ignore startups as most of the startups can't afford the retainer fees. Mentors generally don't have business experience of startups and Entrepreneurs need somebody to hold their hand.

The Solution:
StartupLanes have solved the problem effectively and efficiently by offering Fundraising services at extremely affordable cost through our Investment Banking. We offer annual package that includes Technology Consulting, Fundraising, Legal Consulting and Assistance. The Founder CEO of StartupLanes is an established businessman with more than 18 years of experience and Author of Startup Easy - A Step by Step Guide for Entrepreneurs that is selling worldwide on Amazon.

StartupLanes is a startup ecosystem where startup entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs discuss, collaborate and seek expert guidance in building their startups. Each and every aspect of the startup is covered, from technology to marketing and from fund raising to expansion. The unique chat feature ensure the involvement and fruitful discussions.