We are excited to consult you. Please pay the consultation fee online and book a time slot. Kindly note the phone number that appears after booking the call. You should call on that number at the designated time to discuss with Shishir. Please have a telephonic discussion by booking a general discussion, before opting for personal meeting. Note: Entrepreneurs who can't afford to pay the consulting fees, may write to me: ceo [a-t] startuplanes [d-o-t] com with complete details about the query. I will allocate a time slot manually without any fee.  

  Please pay online, after that you will be forwarded to call booking application.




Personal Meeting (Not Available till December 2017)
Rs. 1500
Phone Call
Rs. 1500

For the fundraising services, it is mandatory to discuss over a call.
Today's StartupGyan: The burn rate is negative cash flow of a company. It shows how quickly a startup is spending money. This key metric is essential for determining how much cash the company needs to keep operating and growing. This is simply the net amount of cash flow for a month when net cash flow is negative. For instance, if a company starts the month with $1000 in cash and ends the month with $900 in cash, its burn rate is $100. From the book 'Startup Easy' | Chapter: Fundraising | Topic: KPIs