Introducing Cryptocurrency: The greatest technological breakthrough after Internet

May/26 By

I am writing after a long time as I was doing extensive research on the Cryptocurrencies. It has been called one of the greatest technological breakthroughs since the Internet. It also


Machine Learning: Explained

Feb/3 By

Machine Learning Machine Learning is about making decision based on trial and error and is a more application oriented version of statistics. The basic idea is to make decisions based


Co-Founders Required: Hyperlocal in Delhi/NCR

Jan/7 By

Co-Founders Required Industry: Hyperlocal B2B/B2C Location: Delhi/NCR I am building a Hyperlocal delivery startup in on-demand logistics segment. Please read my previous post regarding hyperlocal. Please go through the co-founder


2.5 Billion Smartphones: Big Opportunity for Startups

Jan/4 By

Big Opportunity for Startups As per Ranjit Atwal, The Research Director at Gartner Inc, there are 2.5 billion smartphones in the World. The only market that continues to show growth is

startup india policy

Startup India Policy: Explained

Jan/2 By

Startup India Policy Government of India is coming up for Startup India Policy that will will unveil a blueprint for startups to ease the process of setting up new ventures. I


Snapdeal Review

Dec/28 By

Snapdeal Review: Facts & Figures Snapdeal is the fastest growing e-commerce company in India. It is largely driven by the youth, the average age of the workforce at Snapdeal is


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