Looking to raise funds for your startup?

We have created a simple process:
  1. Book a call: As a primary step, we need discuss about the startup. This is a paid call to filter the casual callers and value our time (we receive 100s of requests everyday for free call, however we maintain quality and manage time by limiting the number of callers through payment). Also, we will evaluate the startup during the call to meet the prerequisites.
  2. We will send you the draft copy of the Agreement, if the startup meets the requirements.
  3. We offer one year service, there shall be an activation fee before we start.
  4. Fundraising process starts immediately after the agreement and activation fee.
  5. Download the Fundraising Brochure

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1 About Fundraising
2 Fundraising Prerequisites
3 Fundraising Guidelines
4 Fundraising Brochure

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