mExpense: Startup Review

The Problem India has a booming economy with consumers being able to buy products and services through different offline & online stores, which include Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, FreeRecharge, Paytm and many more. However, trying to keep track of those online & offline expenses to avoid overspending and getting into debt can be complicated. The Solution The team of mExpense  wanted to create an app that could help people avoid debt and allow them to keep an eye on their finances no matter where they are. They believe that their app brings a simplified way for finance management and will help people who struggle with their finances to change the way they deal with their personal finance. Their app mExpense removes that complication and allows the user to set a budget and keep track of what they spend using their mobile phone. The app also allows the user to see what they are spending on a daily, weekly and monthly basis while allowing them to analyse what they spend each month.   Overview The app mExpense is helpful to those who are looking for a simple way to track their normal day to day expense easily without any complication and configuration. In today’s fast facing lifestyle one has to keep track for their own finance, so they can avoid overspending and stay away from debt. With help of good expense tracker app one can set their monthly spending limit and compare monthly expenses anytime they want.  
I like the online expense tracking system by mExpense because it is helpful in everyday life and so easy to use. Shishir Gupta - CEO of
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