Shishir Gupta is the Founder CEO of StartupLanes. He created his first startup salah4u in year 2001 when startups were not common in India. His second startup was fashion4india and third was; By the end of 2001, all his three startups failed. That was first time when he realized the need of a Startup Consultant and Investment Banker for fundraising.

Shishir is the Author of Startup Easy - A Step by Step Guide for Entrepreneurs. He is a well known Investment Banker for startups having global ratings of 5 out of 5 and ranking among top 20 consultants for venture capital. He is a Startup Lawyer, Investment Banker, Full Stack Developer and Startup Consultant. He has more than 18 years of business experience in different domains along with consulting experience of startups. He thought of writing this book when he found that there is no book for entrepreneurs that explains the simple concepts of startups like disruption, traction, co-founder, hacker, hustler, hipster, angel investment etc. He also found that the business books are written by successful entrepreneurs, however the language is complex and connect with the readers is not much. This book is carefully written after considering the experience of Author in advising the real entrepreneurs.

Early Career 
Shishir began to show interest in business at the age of 14. He started participating with his father's business of manufacturing wall paints. He started direct sales and channel sales of the products, immediately after join business in part-time.  At the age of 15, he developed great interest for technology and started learning the different fields of technology.
Shishir developed his first computer application in year 1997. It was an inventory control and billing application that was developed for MS DOS in C++/Clipper and used FoxPlus as a database.

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