Entrepreneurship is tough and risky, the potential returns are extremely high however the changes of failure are always round the corner. According to a research by Inc Magazine, 36% of startups fail within the first year of inception and 65% of business failed within 10 years of their launch.

Entrepreneurs need a constant advise from an expert who can guide in all areas of the business. Step by step guidance is needed in day to day operations of  a startup. A startup company is also going to experiences many different problems as it grows in size. What worked in one stage when the company was small may not work when the company grows. A startup that is 2-3 co-founders working together is different than when there are 100.

The entrepreneurs are often running full-tilt to fix as many problems as they can and keep the company alive and growing - because they're responsible for everything. This is of course extremely grueling and can interfere with the rest of their lives.

Even if the entrepreneurs do absolutely everything right in the execution, what they deliver may end up not selling at all. This is of course more a risk with a venture that is developing a new technology than someone starting up in a competitive market with an existing product.

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