Startup Easy: Part 1 - The Essentials is the best book for Entrepreneurs looking to startupStartup Easy is a step by step guide for entrepreneurs to raise their startups in an easy manner. It is the World's first Author Assisted Book (Live Book) for Startup Entrepreneurs. The language used in this book is extremely simple with lifelike examples. Startup Easy is divided in two parts: Essentials & Fundraising. The essentials is the first part that is includes the basics that you need to learn before understanding the second part: Fundraising. You must read this book if you are starting a new business, raising funds or scaling up your startup.Startup Easy - Part 1: The Essentials: A Step by Step Guide for Entrepreneurs by [Gupta, Shishir]

The Author is a well known Investment Banker for startups having global ratings of 5 out of 5 and ranking among top 20 consultants for venture capital. Shishir Gupta is a Startup Lawyer, Investment Banker, Full Stack Developer and Startup Consultant. He has more than 18 years of business experience in different domains along with consulting experience of startups.

He thought of writing this book when he found that there is no book for entrepreneurs that explains the simple concepts of startups like disruption, traction, co-founder, hacker, hustler, hipster, angel investment etc. He also found that the business books are written by successful entrepreneurs, however the language is complex and connect with the readers is not much. This book is carefully written after considering the experience of Author in advising the real entrepreneurs.

This book is for everybody, and anybody who wish to explore the vast topic of startups and become entrepreneurs or have the knowledge of startup entrepreneurship. This is not a management book, therefore you won't be learning about accounting concepts or management topics like recruitment, selection, communication, motivation, planning, marketing, sales etc. In fact, this book covers what is left by the management books.

After reading this book, you will understand each and everything in the startup world. Also, you will be able to successfully raise a startup. If you are in job then this book will help you in changing your professional life, be ready for the promotions. Students will become great entrepreneurs after reading this book.

This book is not boring as it is no-nonsense at all. You will be able to understand each work easily and it will ensure that you keep smiling instead of scratching your head. Examples of existing startups and entrepreneurs are included for the explanations. The best part of this book is that it is connected to reality, it won't be asking you to create an operating system to become the best startup in the world. All the tasks in this book are doable and pretty easy for a common person.

This is an author-assisted book; therefore, readers can personally interact with the author. It's a ‘Live Book’.