Startup Idea: Bio-diesel & Paper from Insects

I would like to share a unique startup idea with you. Bio-diesel and paper can be manufactured from organic material i.e. insects. Isn't it a good idea?
Insects - like all other creatures need a comfortable living area.  Roaches prefer to live on natural surfaces, like wood rather than seemingly less natural surfaces like metal.  An insect housing designer will arrive at paper as useful material due to low cost and enhanced utility as paper can be both shelf and wallpaper and papers fundamental characteristic of genuine manufacture malleability. Paper is an old invention that disparate cultures found on their own using local resources.  Every material handy went into papermaking and even today, papermaking is a popular crafting past time. All of the materials that go into papermaking are organic and thus suitable as roach feed.  Further, infusing paper at the time of manufacture with nutrients is possible and if not possible due to manifestations of sound papermaking practices, coating the paper post manufacture is a reasonable practice. In profit intensive insect farming, the cost of mechanization of infusing local waste-feed into the paper to be used in insect farming may prohibit these types of additions but for operations that are less mechanized, managing the production of paper to maximize the usefulness of said paper as both a construction material and as feed material is recommended.