Startup Idea: Online Laundry Service

  1. Buy a front load washing machine.
  2. You may place the machine at your home or store.
  3. Setup a website that can take orders.
  4. Create an online and a printed price list.
  5. Offer 50% discount on first wash (max Rs. 200).
  6. Promote on facebook, twitter, linkedin.
  7. Distribute price list in newspapers.
  8. Take online orders.
  9. Start pickups yourself.
  10. Wash and deliver.
If you have any query, then post in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Startup Idea: Online Laundry Service

  1. I don’t want to be depended on my vendors because I don’t think so that I can make our product as Brand on behalf on their service style. Am I right or their is any solution or way to get rid off ?

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