Startup Ideas for India

In my previous post about startup ideas for India, I have written about 10 ideas. Now, have a look at 10 more ideas.
  1. Science
Only universities and large companies can afford large-scale scientific research today.  They are not always efficient. Why couldn’t there be independent research labs? Perhaps, crowd-funded ones? There are huge opportunities in India for Science based startups.
  1. Transportation
No one likes to commute. Yet, the real estate market shows that commuting won’t go anywhere for the next while. What we can do is make commuting more convenient. Small personal vehicles running on clean energy would be the key. Ola cabs is a big example of a successful startup in India, now cars can run on clean energy.
  1. One Million Jobs
Many jobs will inevitably default to robots and computers over the next years. That does not means humans will be out of work. People will fill new professions altogether. But someone needs to educate and train for those professions of the future. Someone needs to build the robots. India is second in terms of most populated country in the World, so job creations or jobs information, management and rotation services will be a great need.
  1. Programming
Even given how in demand programming is, there is still a high barrier to entry. Not much has changed since 20 years ago. Programmers are still educated in the same way and work with similar technical issues. New programming tool and education can change that. India has best programmers in the World.
  1. Hollywood/Bollywood 2.0
New talent is no longer scouted out by agents. The audience of YouTube can directly select who they like. And those celebrities can directly interact with their fans. A startup can help people discover talent on YouTube.
  1. Diversity
Some demographics have historically enjoyed less social and financial success. Does it have to be so? The education system and the work environment can be changed to make any ethnicity, race, and gender to perform at their top level. India has great diversity, so let's build startups for that.
  1. Developing & Underdeveloped Countries 
Many services and products are not available in the developing world simply due to poor logistics, not because of lack of demand. A startup that optimizes international delivering, imports, etc. is worth funding. So startups can look ahead of India and find out international problems.
  1. Enterprise Software
Software used by large companies has lagged behind the consumer market for a while. It’s time to change that. There is not reason you should even have to mail letters or fax receipts to get your refunds from large retailers, for example.
  1. Financial Services
Unless you are particularly wealthy, financial services that help you grow whatever money you do have are almost non-existent. A startup that finds new ways to invest money for not-so-high-net-worth individuals is worth funding.
  1. Telecommunications
Other than Skype and Whatsapp, there has not really been a breakthrough in how we talk to each other at a distance. Communicating could be faster and simple with more effective usage of broadband. Also, fewer ads. Knowlarity is a good example of successful startup in telecommunication domain.

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  1. Interested in service delivery model in Caucasus region – Developing and underdeveloped countries !!

  2. I am hosiery (socks ) manufacturer having 25 years experience. want to startup a industry

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