Men vs Women

Entrepreneurs must understand that men and women are different and they behave differently in different situations. Let me try to explain you with an example. Retail is the dominion of women, they shop to purchase both essential and discretionary goods, to relax, and to socialize. So it’s not surprising that women account for over 80 percent of consumer spending, or about $5 trillion dollars annually, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Men, in contrast, are reluctant store shoppers and much more focused, shopping only if they intend to buy a specific item and wanting to get in and out quickly. A number of research studies show that much of this admittedly stereotypical behavior carries over to online shopping. The early days of online shopping were actually quite male-oriented as the selection of products was limited to computers, software, music, and consumer electronics. As tools for product and price comparison (the ability to do this without having to visit physical stores is particularly attractive to men) became available, males became even more enthusiastic about e-commerce.
Men tend to stick to their mission when shopping online, while women expand the undertaking by wandering among products and categories. Empethica, a customer experience consultancy
Empathica’s survey found that when browsing using social media, just finding information is a primary goal for 36 percent of men, but only 28 percent of women. Both genders have increased their use of social media for comparison-shopping purposes —37 percent of males and 36 percent of females. According to performance marketing firm Performics, 62 percent of males and 50 percent of females compare products using social media channels.
Males predominantly look for information while females seek out sales and coupons. Shishir Gupta, CEO of
See the following images now: getting ready for work Pic above: How women get ready for work vs how men get ready for work in the mirror Pic above: How women and men see themselves in the mirror dresses Pic above: How women and men feel about dresses desktop Pic above: Desktop of Men vs Women after a breakup Pic above: After a breakup going to barber Pic above: Going to hairdresser going to the loo Pic above: Nipping to the loo how we see colors Pic above: How women and men see colors in the mirror Pic above: In the mirror on the social network Pic above: On the social network picking a shampoo Pic above: Picking the shampoo sharing a bed Pic above: Sharing the bed women passing by Pic above: Women passing by
Females are more likely to recommend a brand, product or service to their friends and family through a social network, with 35 percent doing so, compared with 28 percent of males. Shishir Gupta, CEO of
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