AI startups

Artificial Intelligence

Jan/20 By

Artificial Intelligence Startups Artificial Intelligence is a research field where people attempt to reproduce complex behaviors/features often associated to intelligence in a computer system. The behaviors and features can relate, but


Co-Founders Required: Hyperlocal in Delhi/NCR

Jan/7 By

Co-Founders Required Industry: Hyperlocal B2B/B2C Location: Delhi/NCR I am building a Hyperlocal delivery startup in on-demand logistics segment. Please read my previous post regarding hyperlocal. Please go through the co-founder


Lean Startup Explained

Jan/6 By

Lean Startup The Lean Startup is a human institution designed to create a new product/service under extreme uncertainty. The primary goal of the Lean Startup is to eliminate waste and


Multi-Vendor Marketplace Explained

Jan/5 By

Understanding Multi-Vendor Marketplace Huge e-commerce portals like Amazon and eBay are some good examples of a multi-vendor marketplace. There are multiple sellers selling their products in these marketplaces and hence



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The Leather Laundry Banner

The Leather Laundry: Review

Dec/30 By

The Leather Laundry: Startup Review The Leather Laundry provides premium laundry services exclusively for leather products. They clean, color, repair, restore and revive everything that is made of leather. They provide laundry


Snapdeal Review

Dec/28 By

Snapdeal Review: Facts & Figures Snapdeal is the fastest growing e-commerce company in India. It is largely driven by the youth, the average age of the workforce at Snapdeal is


Hyperlocal Explained

Dec/26 By

Startup Idea: Hyper Local Hyperlocal means extremely local in simple words. It refers to news and information about events within a local community. The term was coined with the advent of user-created

Qlivery Gurgaon

Qlivery: Startup Review

Dec/25 By

Qlivery: Startup Review The Problem The consumers these days are time pressed and struggle to find everything under one roof leading to a lot of discomfort. If you want a


Innovation: Rice Fish Culture

Dec/23 By

Rice Fish Culture Rice Fish Culture is a latest innovation in Agriculture. I see a great opportunity here for the startups based in agriculture sector. You can start providing services


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