5 Mind Rousing Entertainment Series That A Entrepreneur Must Watch.

Suffering from Monday blues, fret not!

We are here to help. 

It is said that entrepreneurs are never short on inspiration. Quite like an artist they can pick inspirations from wherever it comes. 

But what if we told you, you could get a boost of motivation with a splash of entertainment. Quite a deal, isn’t it?

So let’s begin!


Well first on our list is a home-grown, Indian web series ( because we are “Atmanirbhar” like that), and quite a famous one. 

This series is one of those rare one that inspire you to become a entrepreneurs and if not that it can certainly be a trip down the nostalgia lane.

Released in 2015, this series literally became a ‘viral fever’ since it was the first time any Indian content creator took the topic of entrepreneurship in a series. The show revolves around four young men who have typical corporate desk jobs and decided to quit their job to become full-time entrepreneurs.


Now this one isn’t exactly a web series but a chat show. But would you not be interested in a show that talked about business right from the time when term ‘business’ was coined. 

Now that mind be a exaggeration, but aing back in 1995, Airing before the stock markets even open, “Squawk Box” is a morning news and talk program on which the biggest names in business and politics discuss the day’s stories. Anchored since late 2005 by Joe Kernen and Becky Quick, the series features reports from Washington, Silicon Valley, London and Hong Kong. “Squawk Box” is for everyone from the professional trader to the casual investor. Notable people from the worlds of business and politics often appear on the show as “guest hosts,” questioning guests and offering their opinions on topics discussed.


House of Cards is a great example of how to stack the deck in your favor. Yes, there’s some heavy drama, but don’t tell us you don’t like a bit of salt and pepper to go on the sides!

 And if you want to learn how to negotiate tricky terrain in business relationships, you won’t come up short on tips.


One of the most famous series worldwide, Silicon Valley is a Comedy that revolves around five youngsters who manage to cultivate a startup in silicon valley.

Created by  Created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler, and Dave Krinsky. The series premiered on April 6, 2014, on HBO, and  it’s last season appeared on March 25, 2018.


While this one is not really about start-ups but the show showcases many situations, faced by any businessman. A show that is excellent to help you relax and rejoice, especially when you are working in a corporate environment. The series is funny, and sometimes touching lives of employees of one office.