5 Movies That You Must Watch If you Are A Entrepreneur

We are here to get your weekend blues sorted, go grab a tub of popcorn and join us in this trip to the Cine-valley

What is the one thing that pushes people to achieve more and more, to go forward for their dreams? Courage, you say? Yes, but what instigates this courage within people who do so well in life? The answer is motivation, inspiration. By seeing other great men who were once at the same position as they, who, by simply believing in themselves and working towards what they believe in have achieved great heights, people begin believing in themselves. They try to follow their ‘call’ and make do with all the tactics that their inspirations ideals have followed for themselves.

There are many people in the world with great ideas and even greater innovative techniques through which they can make a difference in the world. Many entrepreneurial ideas die in the hearts of the people who never had the courage to take step towards their dreams in the fear of failure. And when you ask them very late in life about what stopped them from turning their ideas into reality, they’d say they lacked the courage to take the huge step, for example, to quit their job or to start their own firm. So the problem with many of the potential entrepreneurs with big ideas and dreams is motivation.

Movies and web series have become the base of storytelling as well as entertainment in today’s digitalised world. Even books that have amazing story lines are turned into movies with more thrill and reality added to the picture. These very platforms that are used for entertainment’s sake, can be used to achieve a higher purpose, that is, motivate the people that really require motivation in order to pursue their heart’s uttermost desire. The entrepreneurs that are waiting to spread their wing can be helped through these media platforms into if not reaching their goals but at least to pushing themselves to take the first steps.

Another point that comes in here is the motivation required to go on and not give up on facing hurdles for any entrepreneur. For those who have already taken the first steps, many struggles awaits their way. One can only achieve success when they face failure. One can only assume great heights by falling a lot of times and skinning their knees and at times even heads. So, for those who are already in the game and are yet on their adventurous journeys into making it big, motivation plays an even bigger role for them. A daily dose of motivation can not only enable them to go to work every day with enthusiasm but will also help the entrepreneur to motivate his or her people into giving their best to their jobs.

  • Top 5 must watch movies

Movies take up stories that give others thrill and what can be a better plot than the rise of a common citizen into someone extra ordinary through hard work and courage. The number of movies based on the lives and works of celebrated figures are too many. But we’ve shortlisted a few that will help the potential entrepreneurs and will push them into testing their limits and get them to chase after their dreams.

  1. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Based on the biographical story of Chris Gradner, The Pursuit of Happyness is a story that will inspire even a little kid into doing great things in life. Starring Will Smith as  Chris Gardner and introducing Jaden Smith as his eight year old son, The Pursuit of Happyness is a story that covers the motivational journey of a homeless salesman, left behind by his wife with his son, who works hard and chases his dreams and in the end turns into a successful stock broker.

This story will not only inspire you but will show you what any human being is capable of if he or she has the right amount of courage that needs to be put into their ideas.

  1. Social Network (2010)

Social Network is an American biographical drama based on Ben Mezrich’s book The Accidental Billionaires (2009). It covers the story of the founding of the social networking website face book. It tells the audience of the accidental invention of the world famous app that turns Zuckerberg into a billionaire.

This story will teach and motivate the entrepreneurs into getting them to work towards their ideas and projects without giving too much thought on the outcome. It teaches young entrepreneurs of the basic risk taking that is involved in the field of entrepreneurship that is the most essential part of being an entrepreneur.

  1. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

Based on the journey of Steve Jobs, The Pirates of Silicon Valley is originally an American television series. It covers the rise of the home computer (PC) through the rivalry of the two companies Apple and Microsoft. 

This story will teach the entrepreneurs about healthy rivalry between companies and how it can be handled and used for the benefit of one’s own company. The reality check of the difficulties and hurdles that come on the way of any rising entrepreneur is portrayed vividly in this series. It is based on the book by Paul Freiberger called Fire in the Valley: The Making of the Personal Computer (1984)

  1. Forest Grump (1994)

Based on the novel, Forest Grump by Winston Groom (1986) this movie covers the story of a simple minded man from Alabama who ends up altering many events in history by unknowingly.

  1. Moneyball (2001)

This movie is a sports drama that emphasises on chasing one’s dream and not giving up on it no matter what struggle comes your way.