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₹2 crores invested by Jeff Bezos
in Google became ₹14000 croresRegister now₹1 crore invested by Ram Shriram
in Google became ₹8300 croresRegister now₹1 crore invested by Elon Musk
in Paypal became ₹8300 croresRegister now
₹1.5 crore invested by Garrett Camp
in Uber became ₹42000 croresRegister now
₹4.7 crore invested by Sanjiv Bhikchandani in Zomato became ₹15000 croresRegister now₹1 crore invested by Anupam Mittal in Ola became ₹1100 croresRegister now
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In the words of angel investors

Kumardip Chakraborty

“I would like to thank Startuplanes as they are providing an opportunity so that people can co-invest, something which is not available very easily at other platforms .
Using this we are getting an opportunity as angel investors to participate along with VC kind of funding.
There are regular meetings and feedbacks and they are collaborating with the founders and the angel investors which is a positive thing.
We get very good insights through the Startuplanes team during the pitching session like there is evaluation process, company evaluation etc . There are seperate individuals who are taking care of different activities, and it is very insightful.
So far I have not experienced anything substantially negative as an Investor.
While having recommended Startuplanes to many people, some of whom have joined the Startuplanes investor community, I would like to encourage others to come ahead and start investing with Startuplanes. “

Sanjeev Singh

“I have been associated with Startuplanes for couple of years now. It’s a very commendable job that Startuplanes is doing. Democratizing angel investment and bringing forward opportunities not only from Startups in India but otherwise.
I like how Startuplanes has established itself has one stop shop for investors.
I would like to congratulate Startuplanes for achieving this.”

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Rachit Poddar

Startup Lanes, an organization that has consistently demonstrated an exemplary commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing budding enterprises.

Under the leadership of its visionary team, Startup Lanes has carved a distinctive niche for itself as a paramount catalyst for entrepreneurial growth. The relentless dedication exhibited by this organization in providing comprehensive guidance, unparalleled resources and a conducive ecosystem for startups is truly laudable.

In my capacity as Rachit Poddar, associated with IVY Growth, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative impact that Startup Lanes has on burgeoning businesses. Their insightful mentorship, curated programs and dynamic networking opportunities have consistently propelled startups towards achieving their full potential. This commendable effort not only benefits individual enterprises but contributes to the overall advancement of the entrepreneurial landscape.

Their relentless pursuit of excellence serves as an inspiration to us all.

Girraj Sharma

I have been investing in startups for the last 3 years and my experience so far with startuplane is good.

Few feedback i would like to share are:-

1. Quarterly progress reports.
2. Yearly valuation reports
3. Exit opportunities.
4. Focus more on startups, which are in early stage of revenue instead of incubation stage startups.
5. Lastly, bring more quality deal, even if investment amount has some minimum capping, i.e 1000 USD

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Beyond just investments, enjoy a platform that fosters the growth of startups, creating a dynamic environment that aligns with your vision.

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