Angel Investors in Washington DC

Washington, DC, the U.S. capital, has a deep history in tech. D.C. is also a great place for female entrepreneurs since a third of area businesses are owned by women. The U.S. government has a major impact on the city but the region is home to a growing startup ecosystem. Washington DC is filled with educated talent and has better than average resources for entrepreneurs.

Washington has embassy representation from every country around the world. So, entrepreneurs are more likely to have international perspectives and contacts from day one. It is a city with a truly global mindset. Here, you are likely to find a high density of potential investors.

In fact, industry strengths in the field of defense, cybersecurity, hospitality, education, health and biotech, enterprise, geospatial, and nonprofits. Also, the city has a major IT infrastructure. The city has seen a recent string of successful IPOs and acquisitions and growth in the early-stage startup scene.

Startups in Washington DC

CONTACTUALLY: The company is in the business of aggregating, cleaning, and merging contacts from all your major communication channels (email, calendars, social networks, phone calls). After that, it ensures that you stay connected to them over time. Contactually gives you customization of template tools to help you write personalized follow-ups more quickly, along with handy tools for managing introductions, sharing articles, and more. It can even help you reach out to people automatically or track the progress of different business deals associated with your contacts. 

SIDEWIRE: The company provides a platform where you can get a deeper understanding of the day’s top political news. Newsmakers’ 250-character insights on the day’s news are displayed on a single platform that pairs the day’s news coverage with the most informed voices.

SPREE COMMERCE: Wombat by Spree Commerce (wombat.co) provides the platform that allows developers to use pre-built or slightly modified integrations to manage all of their backend operations. Developers can then focus their attention on more worthwhile projects.

Who are the top Angel Investors in Washington DC?

Rob Ness: Some of his investments include: inDinero, Wanderu, and Neighborly. He has done over 55 angel deals. As one of the most successful angel investors in Washington DC, he continues to make smart decisions to help startups around the DC area.

Jennifer O’Daniel: She joined CIT GAP Funds in 2003, where she leads seed and early-stage investments in tech companies with a concentration on cybersecurity and enterprise software. She is a key member of the investment team and has led over 50 investments in seed and early-stage companies as well as investments for MACH37, a cybersecurity accelerator. O’Daniel is a Venture Partner at NextGen Venture Partners and was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of VT Investor Network (VTIN), a 75+ member angel group that invests in Hokie-led startups.

Ross Blankenship: He is the most successful DC Angel Investor. Investor in “America’s Top Startups:” Authy (acq’d by Twilio), Buffer, CafeX, Checkr, Codementor, Compology, Crew (unsplash), Dil Mil, Experiment, Headout, Homelight, InDinero, Kueski, Managed by Q (Google Ventures), Mavrx, Maxwell Health, Numer.ai, OneMonth, Pakible, RadPad, Rappi, SendHub, StudyHall, TuteGenomics, Verbling, VOIQ, Wheelys Cafe, Wevorce, Weave, Try.com, True & Co (Acquired by PVH), Planetary Resources (Google-backed VC).

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