Become an expert in cybersecurity and ethical hacking with Ersegment Solutions Pvt Ltd

Ersegment Solutions Pvt Ltd

Digital attacks have become a growing concern in the present times. ‘Data leak’ is a frequently arising term in news these days. The more we go digital, the more this risk grows.

This brings us to understand how crucial cybersecurity is. Ersegment Solutions Pvt Ltd is providing a six-month training in Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity along with application security services for organizations.

In an exclusive interview with StartupLanes, Kartheek Chanda, Director of Ersegment Solutions Pvt Ltd talks about his journey and experiences as an entrepreneur. Kartheek is currently working for IDRBT which is the cybersecurity wing of RBI and is an internationally certified ethical hacker and instructor by EC Council.

UrbanPro has ranked Kartheek #1 as cybersecurity and ethical hacking trainer out of 400+ trainers in Hyderabad.

Read on to know what he has to say.

Q1. How did you come up with the idea of your startup? 

 Kartheek: I started my career in 2017 when I was in my second year of B-tech. I was interested in web development and took up a few internships in this field. I also attended ethical hacking workshops in IIT’s and NIT’s which sparked my interest to become a cybersecurity expert. 

In 2018, I undertook training in Web Application Security following which I landed a 6 months internship as a Security Analyst. In the first 4 days of the internship, I legally hacked 8 companies, 2 of which offered me a job. Since then I’ve been working in this domain.

In Dec 2018 I joined an online platform as a student and in 2019 I became a trainer on the same platform, In early 2019, I cracked International certification called “Certified Ethical Hacker”. Things turned out very well by the end of my B-tech and I gained international exposure. 

As word of mouth spread across the country, several companies started approaching me for these services. It was becoming difficult for me to handle everything myself and I decided to build a team and deliver quality training. This is how I got the idea of launching Ersegment Solutions PVT LTD. 

Q2. What was the most difficult part in the early stages of the company’s growth? 

Kartheek: As our team is entirely focused on the technical front, managing the non-technical fields was challenging at the beginning.

Q3. What was the gap in the market that you identified? 

Kartheek: With a rise in the number of internet users, cybercrime has also increased substantially. During the COVID-19 period alone there has been a 300% increase in the number of cybercrimes, resulting in huge demand for cybersecurity professionals. Although there are several professionals in the industry, most of them do not meet the industry standards.

I identified this gap and designed a course to help aspiring professionals surpass industry standards. This also helps them in getting a job irrespective of their background.

Q4. Can you explain your business model? 

Kartheek: Our business model is B2B and B2C. We offer application security services to companies. We also provide training services to companies and directly to customers.

Q5. Did your family/friends help you with funding your startup or did you approach investors? 

Kartheek: I had saved enough money to fund my startup. And I’m also looking to invest in other startups that have a solid idea.  

Q6. Which factors do you see impacting your business over the coming years? 

Kartheek: No matter what technological changes come in the future, they will need security and several Indian companies have started taking cybersecurity seriously. I believe this will only have a positive impact on my business.

Q7. Are you planning to hire fresh talent into your team as the company grows? What qualities do you look for while hiring? 

Kartheek: We are open to hiring fresh talent in our company. We are looking for candidates who have good knowledge of cybersecurity irrespective of their background and have a hunger to learn and work. 

Q8. What according to you are the personality traits of a good leader? 

Kartheek: A good leader should be visionary, have good communication with team mates, should be focused on team building and promoting teamwork, have a positive attitude, and should set clear goals and persist to achieve them. 

Q9. What is the best and the worst part of being a CEO? 

Kartheek: There are several aspects to being a CEO and successfully running a company.

  • You have to be able to make the big decisions and take risks. 
  • You need to earn the respect of your employees.
  • You need to set the right work culture.
  • You need to be a great salesperson.
  • You have to be technically savvy.
  • You have to examine different hats and decide which ones to try on.
  • There are more scars than trophies.

Q10. Describe a time you had to make a tough decision. What did you do and what was the result? 

Kartheek: The biggest decision I had to make was in September 2020 when I had received a big contract from a US-based MNC and a job opportunity from the cyber security wing of RBI in the same month. I decided to build an amazing team that handles the entire work while taking up a full-time position with IDRBT and working for Ersegment in the evenings.

Q11. Are you looking for any vendors to help you simplify any part of your business? 

Kartheek: Yes, we would like to onboard someone to handle the non-tech aspects of our business.

Q12. What are the recent and long-term plans of your startup? 

Kartheek: In the long run, we want to continue training and application services on a larger scale and build cybersecurity solutions.