Bira91 funding: raises Rs.38Crores this year


Bira91 raises Rs.38Crores in two installments from Sequoia and Sofina. First in April,2020 it raised Rs.22.84crores from Sofina, and now on 18 May,2020 it raises Rs.15.23 Crores from Sequoia. 

B9’s CEO and founder, Jain, says that the company continues to grow its business in both existing and new markets. He says Bira91 market shares in several markets are higher than 5% of overall beer sales. In the premium beer category, the company enjoys a more than 20% market share.

The company was founded in 2015 by Ankur Jain, is now operating its two manufacturing breweries from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It also has its presence outside India with 9 offices in New York. It manufactures multi-flavored beers widely spread in Tier1 cities like NCR, Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata, Goa, Mumbai, etc. 

ItsBira 91 Light beer is the lowest calorie option for any alcoholic beverage in the bar. It is lower than a glass of champagne, much lower than Breezers, wine, or cocktails.

Founder & CEO of StartupLanes, Shishir Gupta says, it’s been a tough time for our economy as the COVID-19 impacted every sector adversely.  This sector is the most contributing one in economy as it provides 20% of government’s revenue. While manufacturing companies like Bira91 focus not only on the products but also on the health of their customers. And that’s why they have good range of healthy beer. Kudos to the Bira91 team, Keep growing

The Indian market Pegged at USD 35 billion. We are in third place in alcohol consumption in the world. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are the highest alcohol consuming states in India. Consumption of Beer is likely to Cross 5000 Million Litres by 2026.