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Area of Specialization: Dr. Shishir Gupta specialize in Venture Capital Consulting, Startup Consulting, Entrepreneurship & Effective Management. Scale up your startup!

About The Expert

Dr. Shishir Gupta is the Founder & CEO of StartupLanes. He has more than 23 years of business experience in different domains as an Entrepreneur and Investor. He is an international consultant for Venture Capital & Startups having Global rank of 4 by Clarity.fm, the leading platform for Startups and Venture Capital Consulting.

He is a techie with an inventor mindset. He has been innovating, developing software applications since early 1997.He has been investing in startups as an Angel Investor since 2015. He started investing when he participated in CNBC Young Turks TiE the Knot as an Angel Investor. He has personally invested in many startups and has raised more than 300 crores (US $38 million) for 132 Startups through the Angel Network of StartupLanes and $29 millions in 9 startups from the Venture Capital for the Investment Banking Clients of StartupLanes. He has advised 1000+ Founders all across the World with 100% satisfactory feedback. We have many video testimonials recorded by the Entrepreneurs vouching for the advisory by Shishir.

He is the author of Bestselling book Startup Easy that became No. 1 seller in 17 Countries. Under his leadership StartupLanes became No. 1 fastest growing startup in the World, in the year 2021. It was rated by the US based Growjo.

Build your Company, learn to Raise Funds and start Angel Investing.

38 Million USD

Funds Raised


Successful Consultations

46 Countries

Helped people in 46 Countries

Global Rank 4

Ranked 4th in the World for Startups & Venture Capital

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Testimonials by Global Entrepreneurs

Shun Yamada, San Francisco, CA

Founder & CEO of Retreat

“Shishir is a great advisor and lawyer. The best thing about him is his deep understanding of startups. Startups can be difficult to explain, but he guides us with his long career and his interests. I highly recommend you to consult him!”

James Dinucci, Atlanta, GA

Founder & CEO, Chatccent Communications LLC

I just finished a phone call with Shishir, the Founder & CEO of StartupLanes. I would recommend him to anyone. He is very professional, highly intelligent, and gave me great advice. Overall great call.

Austen Clarke, Auckland, New Zealand

Founder & CEO of Eurekly.com

It was great to talk to Shishir. I would like to thank him for such a nice advise for my business. I will recommend him to everyone.

Sayaka Fukuda, Kanagawa, Japan

CFO of Kirihare Co. Ltd.

Shishir is the best Venture Capital Expert I have ever come across. He understood my problem within few seconds and he suggested me various changes in my business model. My business has grown two times now.

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