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We welcome your decision to book a call with our CEO, Mr. Shishir Gupta. A call will be scheduled for you with the CEO to discuss anything related to his expertise or get your startup evaluated for fundraising purposes.

Who is the expert?

Shishir Gupta is the Founder & CEO of StartupLanes. He has more than 20 years of business experience in different domains as an Entrepreneur and Investor.

He is an international consultant for Venture Capital & Startups having Global rank of 4 by, the leading platform for Startups and Venture Capital Consulting.

He is a techie with an inventor mindset. He has been innovating, developing software applications since early 1997.

He has been investing in startups as an Angel Investor since 2015. He started investing when he participated in CNBC Young Turks TiE the Knot as an Angel Investor. He has personally invested in many startups and has raised more than 300 crores (US $38 million) for 125 Startups through the Angel Network of StartupLanes and $29 millions in 9 startups from the Venture Capital for the Investment Banking Clients of StartupLanes. He has advised 1000+ Founders all across the World with 100% satisfactory feedback. We have many video testimonials recorded by the Entrepreneurs vouching for the advisory by Shishir.

He is the author of Bestselling book Startup Easy that became No. 1 seller in 17 Countries. Under his leadership StartupLanes became No. 1 fastest growing startup in the World, in the year 2021. It was rated by the US based Growjo.


Shishir has been rated 5 stars for venture capital, startup, and legal consulting at the platform. Below is an original screenshot depicting few of the testimonials by the International Clients.

Who should contact Shishir?

Everybody who wishes to ask questions about Pitch Deck, Funding, Angel Investment, Venture Capital, Traction, Team, Scaling up and Career.

You may be a student, entrepreneur, homemaker, freelancer, full-time employee, or just an enthusiast, you are most welcome to book a consultation call with Shishir.

Why do you charge fee for the call?

We receive on an average 1600 requests per day to talk to Shishir Gupta, it’s not possible to take so many calls, therefore it is necessary to filter out the people on the basis of their need. By charging a fee, we are able to filter and focus.

What do you do with the fee collected?

The fee collected goes to the separate account of Shishir from where he utilizes it for charitable purpose.

What if I don’t want to pay the fee?

You can join the Ask Me Anything Session of Shishir, it’s completely free.

What if I don’t need consulting?

It depends upon your priority, in case you wish to urgently talk to Shishir, you can still book a call.

What is the process of booking a call?

The callers from India may leave their phone number and wait for the call at the scheduled time after booking. However, the callers outside India should call at the third-party number, it will be a conference call.

I’m ready. How to book a call?

Please book the call as per your location.

Callers Outside India

Please note the consultation fee and other details for international callers, before you book a call:

  1. The call shall be a phone call or call to phone through Skype/Other apps.
  2. You have to call on our conference number. It is a US phone number. A code number shall be provided by the system for you to join the call. You can also pool in other people in the same call by asking them to call the same number and provide the conference joining code.
  3. You will need a credit card to confirm the payment at the time of setting up the call. The payment shall be charged after the call by World’s No. 1 platform for startup consulting, after the call.
  4. The consultation fee for the call is $2.5 per minute. You will be charged per second by the system. You don’t have to pay for the wait time, the fee is charged when the call starts successfully between both parties.
  5. Your payment is secured through escrow for 30 days. We use the best consulting platform that is registered in the US and operates from the US.
  6. You may check the testimonials and ratings before setting up the call. Our CEO has the best track record.
  7. Please choose three-time slots while setting up the call. Our CEO will pick up a one-time slot that suits him best.
  8. Follow up (if required) support shall be provided through email without any extra fee.
  9. The call will be monitored by the third party for assuring quality.
  10. Please book a call from here: Book a call with Shishir Gupta


Callers From India

Please note the consultation fee and other details before you book a call:

  1. The call shall be a phone call. You will leave your cellphone number to receive the call from our CEO on the selected date and time.
  2. One phone call shall be for 20 minutes maximum.
  3. The consultation fee shall be paid in Indian Rupees through PayU Payment Gateway. You need to in pay through credit card, debit card, PayU wallet balance, internet banking, or UPI.
  4. The consultation fee for one phone call is INR 1500 only to be charged in advance.
  5. GST is not applicable on the phone call. The only online invoice shall be provided on demand.
  6. The consultation fee is not refundable in case you don’t pick up the call or the call can’t be connected, after booking. You may select another time slot in such a case. A refund shall be provided in case you are not able to find a suitable time slot.
  7. Follow-ups (up to 3 times) shall be provided through email (if required) without any extra consultation fee.
  8. We don’t accept cash payments.
  9. The call booking process is through the automated booking system initiated by the official website of StartupLanes only. We don’t authorize any affiliate/agent/representative/employee to collect fees on our behalf.
  10. This facility is only available in India. Calls from the rest of the World are routed through the international call management system.
  11. Please book a call from here: Book a call with Shishir Gupta

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