Building a strong social media presence to generate a high quality client base– with Michael Wharton

Social media is a tool that has become increasingly popular in recent times. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more have brought the whole world at our fingertips. What started off as a medium to connect with people and share experiences, has now become a huge platform for brands to market their products and services.

In the Founder’s Meet organized by StartupLanes, Mr. Michael Wharton talks about how social media can be used by startups to generate a high-quality client base. He runs EduAims which is an educational consultancy and has its operations spread across the country.

The pandemic has transformed the way businesses traditionally operated and has forced them into reshifting their priorities. Wharton says this is where the power of social media can be used to obtain high-quality clients.

He stresses upon the following points to build a strong social media presence:

Visibility: When you’re asked to fill out the company’s profile in the social media accounts, make sure you do it with inquisitive users in mind. Try to use a few relevant search terms throughout your bio.

Identifying the audience: Another point that Wharton stresses on is the importance of identifying the audience and the feasibility of what is being offered. Many startups fail to ascertain if there really is a market for their product or service; and even if they do, they fail to identify their target audience. He says that making a sample profile of your audience and targeting the right audience is crucial.

Consistency: Wharton says that the most important thing is to just show up every day and do what is required. However, this is easier said than done. But being consistent and showing up daily is going to bear fruits in the long run.

Wharton adds that if you are a new company, the customer would not be attracted to you for your brand name but for your story. Therefore, it is important to talk about your brand and your story wherever you go. Don’t hold back from flaunting your success but make sure you are genuine. Many startups, under the pressure of impressing their investors or customers, go about spinning lies. But the consumers today are more aware and well-informed and do not fall for such scams.

Social Media can serve as a great tool to boost your business, only if you know how to use it right.