CEO of StartupLanes shares his story

Shishir Gupta

Shishir Gupta shares his experience and the reason behind starting up StartupLanes. This is an inspiring video that will motivate you to achieve more.

From the Pre-Launch event of SL Accelerator on 8th December 2018.

You must watch it if you are an Entrepreneur or you wish to be an Entrepreneur in the near future. In case you are working, then this video is extremely useful for you as it will help you achieve more in your job.

Also, it is equally useful for the students, as it is the story of struggle and the creation of a great platform called StartupLanes. The first step in your Startup Journey is to find the right idea. Depending on the outcome of your validation, you should either continue in the same direction or pivot.

He is the Founder & CEO of StartupLanes Group. He shared his story of ups and downs that will inspire you to do more. This video was recorded at the pre-launch event of StartupLanes Delhi on 8th December 2018. Building a startup takes a long time, it’s a journey of failure and success.

Shishir conceptualized his first startup in the year 2000 and launched it the next year in 2001. It was his passion that fueled his desire to push himself and constantly work tirelessly for his dreams. Starting a company is a long journey, with lots of twists and turns along the way.

The most important thing for a startup is to solve a real problem, don’t create the problem. Find something that is truly significant and add value to it through innovation.

There’s no way that Shishir would be doing what he is doing now if he hadn’t taken that first step 20 years ago. You have to start from somewhere, better start today.

Building a team of great people who believe in your vision is essential to building a great company. Always focus on the team and motivating them constantly.