Certification Program in Entrepreneurship

Looking to learn about Startups? Have you been dreaming of being an Entrepreneur? Would you like to perform better in your Job? Looking for a bigger career opportunity?

This is the answer to all your questions. StartupLanes presents The Certification Program in Entrepreneurship (Remote). It’s a 14 hours program by StartupLanes that takes you in as a startup rookie and leaves you with an Entrepreneur mindset.

Business classes are not a prerequisite for entrepreneurship, and yes, some of the most storied startup founders were college dropouts. Elon Musk may embody the notion of a naturally gifted entrepreneur, but the aforementioned founders are proof that the necessary skills and mindset can be learned.”

Stanford University

Most of the management programs miss the essentials of business, that is basics like how to generate an idea. You can learn how to manage a business in an MBA, however, you don’t learn how to start a business. It is important for everyone to learn and understand about Entrepreneurship, whether you are a student, a homemaker, corporate employee, teacher, professional, or doctor. 

“Entrepreneurship educators must have the same innovative drive that is expected from entrepreneurship students.”

Dr. Donald F. Kuratko (known as “Dr. K”) 

After completing this program, you will become Entrepreneurs ready to launch your own Startup. You will understand the complex topics like disruption, innovation, scaling up, market study, problem, and solution, in an easy manner. This course is designed by the Founder of StartupLanes who is also the author of the International Bestselling Book for Startups and Entrepreneur for the last 18 years. 


  • An exclusive opportunity to learn from the Author of International Bestseller, Startup Easy & Founder of StartupLanes group of companies.
  • Startup Easy is the only course material, easy to learn through a practical approach.
  • A virtual and remote course to be done through WhatsApp, Phone Calls, Facebook Live, Zoom Video Conferencing & emails. No need to attend classroom lectures.
  • You will be able to Generate and Refine Business (Startup) Ideas after this course.
  • You can Collaborate with others and identify Co-Founders for your potential Startup within the Group.
  • You can interact with Experts and other Entrepreneurs.
  • You will be able to Create and Launch your Startup after completion of this course.
  • You will be able to get a Better Job or Increment/Promotion in your existing job.
  • You will get a Certificate by StartupLanes after clearing the online exam, which will be valid for a lifetime.
  • Your Certificate will entitle you to become a Silver Member of StartupLanes for a lifetime.

Who can join?

Anybody can join who meets the following criteria:

  • Good spoken and written English
  • Interest in Startups & Entrepreneurship
  • Keen to learn & explore
  • Should be able to buy the book – Startup Easy & read it.


  • Course – Rs. 1000 or USD 25
  • Online Exam – Free
  • Certificate – Rs. 1000 or USD 25


  • Remote learning through WhatsApp group, phone calls, Facebook live, email, etc.
  • Group learning
  • Interactive


  • Total 14 hours to be completed
  • Complete flexibility, no fixed timing, you may learn anytime as per your availability
  • You may also participate on weekends, after office hours.


  1. Enroll in the program by filling a simple form & paying the course fee.
  2. You will be added to the WhatsApp group of the batch.
  3. Get a copy of Startup Easy from Flipkart or Amazon. The Kindle version is also available.
  4. Start reading the book and asking questions in the WhatsApp group. Keep participating in the group activities and continue learning. Shishir will be present in the group to help.
  5. After completion, of course, an online exam link will be shared. Clear the exam and opt for a certificate.
  6. A certificate shall be issued and the course will be completed.

Ready to Start?

Fill the form and pay the fee using this link: