Cover It Up secured Rs 3.5 crore

A pop-culture merchandise startup, Cover It Up, has raised Rs 3.5 crore in seed financing.

“The company plans to use this round of funding to strengthen operations by bringing in new and creative talents simultaneously concentrating on R&D, development of IT infrastructure, which will lead to an enhanced product portfolio. Some parts of the funds will also be earmarked towards research and development to enhance the existing product range and also create new ones,” Cover It Up said.

The company was founded in the year 2013. It deals in the industries like E-commerce, Internet, and retail.

In India, Cover It Up is a leading shopping portal. Tied up with all the big franchises, with a splash of our own theme, we look to offer the best of all worlds. Cover It Up was released in 2013 with a penchant for imagination and a straightforward design with big dreams.

Cover It Up was set up to adjust this for the better, recognizing the challenge of keeping our hands-on luxury products in India. We have worked very hard to create a forum to ensure that the ever-present pop culture in India shares the same limelight as elsewhere.

By the next financial year, the Chennai-based company aims to cross Rs 25 crore in sales.

For the year 2019-2020, we shipped about 120,000 goods, while this year we are on the road of a 150,000 unit sales forecast,” said Sarda.”

Over the years, Cover It Up has collaborated to market their merchandise with some leading global brands such as Marvel, DC, Warner Bros, Buddies, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney and Looney Tunes.

It is also Chennai Super Kings, Kaala, Darbar, Robot 2.0’s official merchandise partner, and has recently joined up with NASA.