The Bengaluru based startup CRED raises 80 million dollars in Series C funding round led by DST GLOBAL . After this round CRED stands at 800 million dollars valuation.

CRED was founded in 2018 by one of the co-founder Kunal Shah. It aims to pay off the credit card bills in a simpler way and rewards the customers with cashbacks to pay on time . It has also been approved with RBI. CRED supports credit card bill payments for SBI, ICICI etc.

During the initial state of pandemic, CRED has launched new features like RentPay which helps the customers to pay monthly rate by using credit cards. The company was also one of the sponsor of recently held IPL tournament.

The founder of the company CRED , Kunal Shah says “People love credit cards and shows in the proliferation of the business .”

The CEO and co -founder of StartupLanes , Shishir Gupta says, “In this busy world where the people are busy with their profession, CRED eases our lives by helping us to pay all kind of bills on time and also saves our time.”

Congratulations to the team of CRED.

The credit card industry of India  is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 25% during 2020 – 2025 due to the increasing popularity of credit cards and the growing trend of purchasing products first and paying later.