DigiCandy raising funds

digicandy funding

Have you ever faced the frustration of juggling between different apps while getting a single work done? Have you ever faced the problem of searching and downloading an app related to productivity when your boss is sitting in front of you and needs something done immediately? Have you ever scanned a particular document and failed to send it to somebody due to its size and then again downloaded another app to compress?

What if we tell you that you can have a one-stop solution for all of these problems? Have a document scanned smoothly, convert it to a pdf, reduce the size and share it with anyone you like. This is just the start. Have any productive work done immediately and get all the features at your fingertips. And even if you do not want to search through the features, you can ask mascot Candy who is always happy to help.

Indradeep is presenting you with an investment opportunity that will not only generate good returns but will also solve the problems of the masses.

Skancandy is the mother of all apps that brings all of these services under one roof. With an array of features, it ensures that you have a higher chance of solving all your problems at all times. It allows customers to search through its entire list of features and if you do not find one, Candy, its mascot is always available to help you in solving your problems in the do what you want segment.

You should consider investing in Skancandy because not only does it have the ability to solve any problem that you face but it can also engage you in finding the solution to your problem even if it is not on their list. Skancandy has been a market disruptor and doesn’t have a lot of competition at present. But most importantly, the company is solving a major problem- it stops you from juggling between apps, improves the memory of your phone by having fewer apps, and finally gives you peace because no matter what problem you face, you know where to go.

Scancandy is raising funds through StartupLanes and is very excited to pitch the investment opportunity to you. Join us for the funding round on 5th June at 11 am.

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