Five Women Entrepreneurs Who Made Life Easier For Women.

The road to success is never a smooth one, laced with twist and turns, potholes and bumpers one is often bound to fall scrape their knees and in turn loose motivation.

In such a situation nothing comes in more handy than experiences of other people. to remind you that even in times of distress there is someone, someone who maybe went through right what you did and if they can get out of it so can you.

Here comes in our success stories, to give you the boost of motivation that one might need every once in a while.

So let’s begin,

There is no field across the world were women are not achieving as much as men, the same holds true for business as well. According to a study, more than 14% of business today are either owned or managed by women. But the women we are going to talk about today, they. Not only made their businesses success but gave it back to the world as well. These five women are not only the living proves of the growing business status of women in India but also prove that personnel success and profit can often come hand in hand with well being of the community. These she-roes are indeed role models for the coming generation of entrepreneurs

  1. Kalpana Saroj:

How could this list even begin without Kalpana Saroj? For she was the woman who proved that the only thing differing dream from success is hard work. At a tender age of 16, she started working in a garment factory in order to support her family. But that was not it, this dreamer went on to successfully starting up a tailoring business and then a furniture store of her own.

A Padmasree awardee in 2013, Kalpana further ventured on to the real estate and has been applauded several times for her remarkable communication skills. Kalpana made sure that she taught the coming generations of women that until you have a solid goal and the hard work to put in, your gender and background can never hold you back.

  • Falguni Nayar

Who could have thought makeup could be a medium for not only splurging money but making money as well but this women right here did. Nayar is the woman behind the E-commerce portal Nykaa.

to get into details, Nykaa abides by an inventory-based model with warehouses in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. In addition to its primary e-commerce business, it has an offline presence via 68 brick-and-mortar stores across the country. It claims to have over 3 lakh products across 1,500 brands.

The company quite recently cameup with two offline store formats called Nykaa Luxe and Nykaa On Trend. The Luxe format focuses its attention on both Indian and international luxury beauty brands along with Nykaa Beauty, the in-house collection of beauty products. The latter format has products curated by category basis their popularity.

In 2015, Nykaa inaugurated its collection of in-house beauty products] In March 2016, it launched private labelled commodities in the bath and body care section.

With a goal of making Naykaa an omnipresent, pan-India beauty brand, Falguni sure serves as an inspiration to many.

  • Risha Kar

For time immemorial women have been complaining about the inconvenience

Inconvenience that lingerie brings them and while one could not do much about that Kar sure made an effort towards how you can get you loungewear and lingerie in the comfort of your home.

Risha started Zivame in 2011 alongside her husband, Kapil Kalekar.

While talking to one of the leading media news portals Rusha revealed how to start up her venture she had borrowed thirty lakhs from her friend and started with a small office space.

As the company soared to a new high it sought investment of up to $9 million, in two rounds from investors.

With an innovative mind and an unbreakable spirit, Risha certainly did save millions of women from the embarrassment and unwanted comments from the opposite gender that haunts them while buying undergarments.

  1. Aditi Gupta

India as a country still has a long way to go as far as the taboos around mensuration are concerned. A place where women sometimes are denied even the basic of sanitary habits while on their cycle, how does one expect to initiate a conversation where they get to talk about it freely.

Here comes in our shero ( she-hero) Adit Gupta, the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Menstrupedia, a woman who aims to make different informative, educating but at the same time entertaining content around menstruation and menstrual hygiene to educate the masses.

It is safe to say that Aditi did help in taking a step towards the aa king of a safe environment for menstrual discussion and indicating the stigma around it.

  • Sairee Chahal

The Founder, CEO of SHEROES.

Sairee Chahal is the Founder, CEO of SHEROES – a community platform for women, offering aid, resources, opportunities and interactions via Sheroes.com and the SHEROES App. Sairee’s father inner cap is that of building up women at work and future-of-work conversations in India, besides building a strong technology play to solve the problems of gender disparity in India.

A technology entrepreneur, Sairee has bestridden the best of both worlds in her ventures Newslink, Fleximoms and now SHEROES. Her community-meets-deep technology way has developed SHEROES into a globally formidable platform, changing the game for women and their aspirations. Over a million women have been directly benefited, and under Sairee’s leadership, SHEROES aims to impact over 100 million women in the next five years.

An Aspen Leadership Fellow, Sairee is also the convener of The SHEROES Summit – India’prior ns I’ve women’s forum. With an M.Phil from JNU and a PGDBM from IMT Ghaziabad, Sairee began her professional career while still studying prior to co-founding her first startup.

These women right here proved it that the future is surely female!