Free Legal Consultation

Are you fed up of looking for websites that offer free legal consultation in Google search but when you actually reach there you find that they either ask you to pay, or request you to fill up a form or just post your question and then get a reply whenever the lawyer find it?

We have the solution, StartupLanes do not play with cheap marketing tricks. You will get 100% Free Legal Consultation, that’s a promise from our side. We offer completely free legal consultation for the first time. This consultation is offered in real time by a real lawyer, not a bot.

In case the legal query requires advance consultation, then you can setup a paid call with an Advocate/Lawyer who is the subject matter expert. Our lawyer will listen and understand your query, in case the solution is simple then he/she will suggest you the right kind of action.

Why would I pay for a consultation when I can get a Free Consultation?

Exactly, you don’t have to pay for the legal consultation when you visit us for the first time. This is certainly offered to make sure that you are heard properly and you can decide whether you need a legal consultation or a legal action or not?

What is an Initial Legal Consultation?

The first consultation with the lawyer is the initial legal consultation that you will get. It is not a legal representation by an Advocate therefore, the Advocate-Client relationship is not established. The initial legal consultation should be presented as legal education and not legal advice.

What are the categories of legal consultation?

We have divided our service of legal consultation in two categories:

  1. Basic: The consultation offered by a Junior Lawyer to understand your query. We have realized that 88% of the matters that reached us in the past required a basic consultation and there was no need for the Senior lawyer at all, in those cases.
  2. Advanced: You need the consultation by a Senior Lawyer and/or Advocate who is also the subject matter expert, when your matter is serious and requires urgent attention. We have highly experienced lawyers on our panel for such support and discussion.

How long is the meeting?

A basic legal consultation generally spans from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, whereas the advance legal consultation may span between 20 minutes to 1 hour, or even more than that in certain cases.

What to expect from the legal consultation?

You will get the solution to your legal problem. The Advocate or the lawyer will offer you all or any of the following in the legal consultation:

Is there any monthly retainer service?

Yes, you can get a dedicated lawyer for INR 8000+ GST per month. You will get 32 credits that you can use in the month as follows:

1Legal Consultation – up to 30 minutes1 Credit
2Legal Document Reading – up to 30 minutes1 Credit
3Drafting Legal Notice – per notice1 Credit
4Lawyer in your Video Conference Meeting – up to 30 minutes2 Credits
5Lawyer Calling for payment recovery, dispute settlement, other2 Credits

You can get 16 hours of lawyer dedicated in a month if you utilize the service optimally.

I want the Free Consultation Now!

Please fill up this simple form to get a call from us: Yes, I want the Free Legal Consultation.

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