Functional Experts

The StartupLanes Functional Expert (FE) is a person who is a specialist or expert in a particular domain of the subject. A functional expert plays the role of a differentiator who specializes in one subject and is a master in that.

The FE will train, consult, help the StartupLanes community in any matter related to the subject expertise. The role of FE is highly engaging with the community of Entrepreneurs and their employees.

Who can become an SL Functional Expert?

Any person matching the following requirements can apply to become a Functional Expert:

Some qualities and responsibilities of a functional expert are:

1. Domain Knowledge Expert: You should be the domain knowledge expert on the subject.

2. Relevant Experience: You should have relevant and good experience of the subject.

3. Training and Development: You should be able to train the community members and develop the skills.

4. Continuous Practice: You should be practicing the topic continuously.

5. Learning/Education: You may have the certification, diploma, or degree of the relevant topic. However, this is not mandatory.

What should be the subject or topic of Expertise?

Any topic that helps a person in earning more money individually or through his/her organization is a good topic or subject that is required by the community members of StartupLanes. Also, the money saved is money earned, therefore the topic of knowledge may help in saving money too.

For example, the topic can be “How to increase B2B sales for Tech Startups?” Another example is “How to use LinkedIn for effective networking?”

Following is an indicative list of topics:

  • How to effectively negotiate with vendors?
  • How to build a strong personal brand?
  • How save tax?
  • Is GST Required? How to claim GST? What happens if the vendor doesn’t deposit GST?
  • What is POSH Compliance? How to save from penalty?
  • How to do Facebook Marketing for generating cheap but effective leads?
  • How to build sales funnel?
  • How to create a WordPress website in few hours?
  • How to create an eCommerce website yourself?
  • How to host at AWS for FREE?
  • What is Cloud Computing? What is the need?

Please submit your questions here: Submit Questions for Experts

What is the Role of a Functional Expert?

A Functional Expert should share knowledge and train the StartupLanes Community Members in the area of expertise. This will help the members learn new topics and perform better in business and personal life.

What are the commercial benefits of a Functional Expert?

There are three commercial benefits for the Functional Experts:

  1. Sales Leads: You will get a lot of sales leads from the free trainings that you do on your topic. For example, if you train people on the topic: how to generate cheap but effective leads from Facebook, then people may take your help in doing it. You may take their entire digital marketing campaign for whatever fee you wish. There shall be a small cut for the StartupLanes for managing this deal and escrow services.
  2. Training: You will get a majority revenue share in the training sessions organized by the StartupLanes.
  3. External Invitations: You will get paid invitations from different companies to train their employees, moreover you will get invitations from the institutions to train their students.

What is the earning potential?

We expect you to earn between 3-5 lakhs per month after becoming our Functional Expert.

What are the deliverables by StartupLanes to the Functional Experts?

  1. Recognition: We will recognise you as the Functional Expert and promote you in the entire StartupLanes community.
  2. Leads: We will pass on the leads to you for training and domain expertise.
  3. Events: We will setup the events for you.
  4. Participants: We will invite the participants.
  5. Certificate: We will give you a certificate to honour you.
  6. Platform: We will give you the platform to promote by uploading your videos to StartupLanes YouTube Channel and entire social media.
  7. Network: We will give you the access and support of our wide network in 56 cities across 15 Countries.
  8. Brand: We will give you brand association with StartupLanes.
  9. Representation: We will give you the right to represent StartupLanes at Clubhouse, physical events, social media, and zoom meetings.
  10. Credibility: People will trust you more if you become the Functional Expert of StartupLanes.

How may I apply to join as a Functional Expert?

We have created a simple process of application and selection. All you have to do is to record your video on the subject/topic of your expertise and send it to us. Make sure you prepare the script well and practice before you record the video. We will upload it to StartupLanes YouTube Channel and on the basis of views, likes, and comments on your video, we will be able to decide about your application.

You should be a Gold Member of StartupLanes to join as a Functional Expert. You may take the membership after the approval of your application.

If you are excited to join, please fill up this form: Yes, I want to join as a Functional Expert.