GARRUD raising funds

garrud funding

Have you ever been stuck in a situation when you are not able to deliver your products due to non availability of vehicles or illogical rates asked by the drivers? Or are you fed up with tracking your material once it is out for delivery?

Instead of your time being consumed promoting your business, most of the time is wasted in managing your logistics. Or are you dejected by company’s own trucks by managing their bill issues, maintainence issues, or driver behavior?

What if we tell you there is a one-stop solution for all these problems with a possibility of reducing the logistics cost up to 40%? Receive on-time pickup, make payment in your desired mode, no rate negotiations, and get a driver who is conscious of his conduct.

Rohit Kumar is presenting you with an investment opportunity that will not only generate good returns but will also solve the problems of the masses.

GARRUD is an AI-powered intra-city last-mile on-demand logistics platform which works like OLA or Uber but for commercial trucks. It covers small and big businesses along with individual consumers as it has vehicles ranging from bikes to minitrucks to canters.

You should consider investing in GARRUD because it not only has a big market opportunity for the idea but passionate and determined founders with the right skill set, experience, and temperament to grow the business.

GARRUD has proved its achievements in early tractions and has a huge opportunity to scale up because the market is still not tapped and there is no established competition in the market. Most importantly, GARRUD is solving a major problem- providing digitally supported, cost-effective, and last-mile effortless deliveries while enhancing earning possibilities of the vehicle owners.

GARRUD is raising funds through StartupLanes and is very excited to pitch the investment opportunity to you.

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