Get 1 Crore Funding for your Startup Idea

Do you have a business idea that can solve the problem of masses? Yes, I am sure you have! Because most of us have such ideas. But, we hold back because of inadequate funding for the idea. Business needs resources like company, tax registration, office, staff, app, website, software tools, digital marketing and much more. All this needs money, and here the problem is that most of us are unable to raise that initial amount of funding.

Founder Pitching Idea to Raise Funds from an Angel Investor

People in a full-time job keeps on thinking that you will launch your startup, raise funds and make it big, however, the opportunities of raising funds at the idea stage were not there. Now, you have StartupLanes Idea Stage Funding! We we can invest INR 1 crore in your idea stage startup.

Please see the table below to understand the funding stages:

#Startup StageDurationFunding
1First Round of Funding at Idea StageImmediatelyUpto INR 1 Crore
2Product Ready with good revenue3-12 MonthsINR 1 – 3 Crore
3Series A Stage (Accelerated Revenue)1 – 3 YearsUSD 1 to 3 Million
Depiction of Funding Table

What is the eligibility for the Founders?

The potential founder should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Fluent in Spoken English
  • Resident of India
  • Valid ID Proof & Address Proof
  • No Pending Cases in Courts/Police Records
  • Should be able to dedicate at least 20 hours per week

What is required from the Founders?

  • Startup Idea
  • A team of 3+ Members having at least 2 Co-Founders / Directors
  • Self Investment of 1 lakh
  • Laptop/Desktop with Hi-Speed Internet
  • Desire to start and scale up a Startup
  • Passion and dedication to work

Which type of Startup Ideas can be funded?

  • Startup Ideas with market size of USD 5 billion+
  • D2C Business Model | B2B2C | B2C | B2B Subscription
  • Customer Acquisition through Digital Marketing
  • Automated Signup of Customer to Web App/Mobile App
  • Automated Ordering process through Payment Gateway
  • Innovation to reduce price and enhance convenience

What are the benefits included?

  • Mentorship, guidance & advisory by StartupLanes
  • Vendor sourcing and support in vendor selection
  • Building the Go-to-market model
  • Access to the investors of StartupLanes
  • Marketing & Branding support through social media of StartupLanes

Points to be noted:

  • An equity of 10% will be taken by StartupLanes.
  • A new Private Limited Company has to be incorporated.
  • Pitch Deck, Valuation & Financial projections will be made by SL team at a discounted fee.
  • Demo Day of shall be organized by StartupLanes for pitching the investors.
  • In case the startup fails to raise the sufficient capital, they can come again with another idea.

How to apply for Idea Based Funding?

  1. Make your single page IM
  2. Apply through StartupLanes website.
  3. Pitch to the team of StartupLanes
  4. Our team shall guide you further upon selection
  5. In case your idea is not selected, then you may come again with another idea

Please apply for Idea Stage Startup Funding Here: Idea Funding Application