Greywing, a maritime intelligence platform, has received early investment from investors such as Flexport.

Greywing, located in Singapore, was founded in 2019 to assist ship operators and other members of the marine sector in making crucial decisions. It provides capabilities for managing crew changes, anticipating possible hazards like as piracy, and receiving pandemic-related travel restriction updates. Greywing announced the introduction of a new solution today, along with $2.5 million in early financing, that will assist vessel operators manage carbon emissions caused by crew changes. Flexport, Transmedia Capital, Signal Ventures, Motion Ventures, Rebel Ventures, Y Combinator (where Greywing was in the winter 2021 class), and Entrepreneur First are among the investors.

Individual crew members’ present positions, home ports, and possible routing adjustments are all input into the carbon emissions tool. The platform checks for flights that crew members can take when waypoints are input. The quantity of carbon emissions emitted by a flight is displayed with its price, allowing ship owners to arrange flights that reduce overall emissions while not materially influencing expenses.

In an email, Chief Executive Officer Nick Clarke explained that shipping accounts for 3% of global emissions, with about a third of that coming from “scope 3” emissions, or the carbon footprint of factors other than the vessel’s fuel outputs, such as crew changes.

Greywing was founded in 2019 after founders Clarke and Hrishi Olickel met at the Entrepreneurs First conference in Singapore. Olickel told TechCrunch in an email that he “knew practically nothing about the marine sector” before entering the programme, which pairs potential co-founders, because his expertise was in parametric insurance and robotics.

“What pulled me to Greywing’s goal was Nick and the awareness that marine was an important business on the cusp of digitalization where we could make a difference,” he explained.

Greywing was designed to help vessel operators decrease the amount of work they have to perform when preparing for a journey. It gathers data from both private and public sources and converts it into easily accessible reports (the platform was designed to be mobile first). “Before our operating system, decision makers were getting all of these crucial information from multiple sources and handling them on numerous platforms—emails, primitive vessel tracking systems, HR ERP, phone conversations, or even Excel spreadsheets,” says the company.

Greywing’s goal, according to Olickel, is to “advance beyond idle information reporting, which is where the industry now sits, to real-time decision making, and on to predictive warnings,” which is why the company developed carbon emissions and Crew Change capabilities.

Greywing will be able to tap into more marine data sources and build intelligent vessel management systems that will grow more autonomous as the platform’s algorithms get more complicated, thanks to the latest amount of investment.

“In the end, this round of investment will enable us to leverage Greywing’s solution to start a movement across the shipping sector, allowing us to address 1% of global carbon emissions that would otherwise go unaddressed,” Clarke added. “We’re already trying to get our solution on over 2,000 ships, which accounts for around 3.5 percent of the global commercial fleet.” This will eliminate approximately 230,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of removing seven ships from our waters.”

Greywing is on the verge of digitalization and will evolve in the maritime business so as to stand against their competitors and can make a difference. All my best wishes to them and I would keep following as i am curious to know about their strategies.

Shishir Gupta, Founder and CEO, StartupLanes

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