GullyBuy Software raised Rs 4 crore

GullyBuy Tech, a Pune-based software company, said it had raised Rs 4 crore in Pre-Series A financing from SEED Enterprises and some specific buyers.
SEED Enterprises, the creators of InfoBeans Technologies, an IT provider organization, is the household workplace funding agency of Avinash Sethi, Mitesh Bohra, and Siddharth Sethi.

The funding will allow our sales/marketing team to more actively sell the app and to accelerate the product roadmap through engineering. Shirish Deodhar, the co-founder of GullyBuy Software, said that this room has infinite potential but is also highly competitive, and so we continue to pursue more funding.

GullyBuy provides a new digital hyperlocal market resolution that allows consumers to order online from nearby shops promoting groceries, meals, medications, and various requirements day by day.

Although offline-to-online retail solutions are proliferating, due to their vision of empowering local stores, a segment that has been underserved by the digital economy, we decided to back GullyBuy. Others either allow standalone online stores or are logistics apps that bypass stores, while the strategy of the e-commerce giants is to make them their agents effectively,” said Siddharth Sethi, InfoBeans CEO, who joins the financing board of GullyBuy.

This is the second fund SEED has made with the creators of GullyBuy.

The cellular apps of GullyBuy are compatible with the casual nature of the prevalent buy-sell transactions with native stores. Stores can receive orders directly after installing the seller app online and can go at their own pace for product itemization, affords, reductions, and many others.