HappyPlus Consulting funding

HappyPlus Consulting, an AI-ML-enabled HR firm that measures the happiness index for India Inc. companies, has raised an undisclosed amount of angel investment from a Dubai-based high net-worth investor.

The startup intends to use the funding for its technology and expansion plans.

Founded by Dr. Ashish Ambasta on the theory of strengthening employer-employee relationships to achieve organizational happiness, the six-month-old startup offers its services to firms such as Tata Steel LP division, TM International (Logistics), Mahanagar Gas Ltd. (MGL), and a leading private health insurance company, among others.

The tech-enabled HR firm is presently in talks with investors for another round of investments which Ambasta said should get closed in a few months from now. Meanwhile, the startup is building a strong team of senior professionals to create and provide tools, techniques, and solutions for creating happy habits for individuals in the organization.

HappyPlus brings the concept and importance of ‘Happiness Habit Development’ through scientifically designed tracks and ‘One-Touch’ technology solutions. Its ‘WOW Life’ solution is a science-backed framework, which raises the level of consciousness, connection, and competence at the employee and employer levels.

“Our company is supported by science and an expert community of psychologists, counselors, and analysts who help address mental well-being through qualitative and quantitative research coaching and mentoring programs,” Ambasta said.