How to ask Client’s Budget?

Ask the Budget of Client

So I get this question a lot.

How should I ask for the budget from the prospect on discovery call? How does that work?

It’s always better to ask for the budget upfront.

Because you need to know who you are working with.

So you don’t waste your time talking to prospects that can’t afford you and making proposals, which client will not agree to.

So to prevent that, when you are on discovery call asking questions and getting to learn about their business.

You then ask “In order to know if we are a good fit or not. I need to have an idea of the budget. So what budget are we working on for this project?”

And a lot of people would say “I haven’t really thought about it”

And you can’t just say OK and continue because you have to get some sort of idea.

So here’s how you do that.

Ask “Rachel (demo name) if you don’t have any idea about the budget. Are we talking $70k?”

Rachel – “No No not $70k”

Ok, are we talking $50k?

Rachel – Oh no definitely not $50k.

Ok are we talking $25k

Rachel – Yes I was thinking about that.

So keep playing this game until prospect gives you an idea of their budget.

So that’s how you can ask for the budget.