How to Network the right way?

“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.”- Tom Peters

Visiting an event or meeting is not just about attending, listening and coming back. They are not organized for the presentations and discussions. Remember there can be a lot of scopes, that’s an opportunity provided by the organizer where you can build strong networking.

Networking is not just about collecting cards, knowing the person’s name and company. You have to act smartly, need to make sincere relationships, need to interact because it is not just about the event, it can actually help you in the future in your business or job. So the question arises why to attend an event? And How to network there in the right way?

Here are some tips you need to remember before attending an event or a meeting:

Prepare well a day before

While going to an event make sure you are prepared well about yourself and your company. People are not going to listen to your stories. You need to be creative, smart and sharp-witted.

Make a Plan

You should always have a plan, an aim at why you are going to attend it. To whom you will focus. They can help you in your next job or in business expansion or they can be your investors too.

Always interact

Don’t just seat alone or with your partner or with known people. Remember you need to make connections. You need to approach people, need to interact. You should introduce yourself sensibly. Your company’s introduction should be skimpy like you can brief about the company’s aim? what’s your product? why you are different? to whom you want to meet? and why are you here?. So that interested people can meet you.

Don’t just make a collection of cards

You need to be smart at this point. Your agenda should not be to collect maximum cards. But you need to understand and select who can be considerably helpful for you and your organization. You should also save your cards for the people you found worthwhile.

Be a good listener

Don’t just illustrate your organization and walk away. You should listen to another person and find out whether the can be useful for your organization in present as well as in the future. Then try to approach the maximum of those you feel valuable.

Participate more

People should feel your presence. At least they should be aware that you are ‘X’ from the ‘Y’ organization. So that whenever they need a product or service related to yours, they can easily contact you. It’s not just about one time meet, they should be interested in remeet. If there are games try to participate it will help you in networking.

Don’t interrupt the event with your personal things

Try to engage more. Don’t keep yourself busy with your own things. Keep your phone silent. Try to pick only important calls, especially keep your WhatsApp off.

Sit with the strangers

Don’t try to make yourself comfortable. You are not in the party or family function. Sit with strangers. Try to know about them.

Don’t just pitch too high

Don’t just throw yourself on another person or buzz around. You need to be very professional. Try to be in inflated form, constructive not too casually.

Don’t be straightforward while asking for any favor or job

Try to make another person comfortable, know about them, tell about yourself. They should found you productive, fruitful and efficacious. Make a reason for remeet or to remember.

Take help of community managers

And if you are not sure of anything or facing any problem or want to meet a particular person take help from the volunteers/community managers. Don’t be vacuous.

Last but not least always remember to say Thank You and attend more events, make more networks. Its an investment, it will give you results for years, will create your market image. In the end it’s going to be your net worth.

StartupLanes also organize meetups on a regular basis to support Entrepreneurs and Investors. To provides an ecosystem that helps in networking. These meetups help monthly and weekly region wise. You can take events as an opportunity for the growth of your organization as it can help you in fundraising, contact-making, creating a market image, presenting you and your organization on a large platform. What else a startup needs! And if you are facing any hesitation, then you can take the help of community managers/volunteers. They are cooperative and understand your issue and make you comfortable. They also conduct networking games, activities which help you to interact with more people.