Illumnus funding: raises 100K dollars from Angel Investors


The Pune based ed-tech startup – Illumnus raises $100k from a group of angel investors from Dubai, UAE, and HNIs in its seed funding round. The company is planning to expand its operations and team in four more countries this year.

Akash Singhal, Founder of Illumnus, says  “We have already doubled our team bringing A-players to build a scalable SaaS-based LMS platform, which the educational institutions always deserved but never got”

The investors said – “We are thrilled to support and help Illumnus grow leaps and bounds. In times where the world of education is increasingly becoming digitally driven, we find Illumnus very well placed to capture the market not only in India but in other global markets as well,”

Founder and CEO of StartupLanes, Shishir Gupta says, education plays an important role in building a developed society. This sector suffered a lot during the lockdown, students missed their exams and a major part of their syllabus. At this time ed-tech startups played a crucial role, reaching every possible area to help students to cope up with their education. Illumnus is bridging the gap between students and teachers by providing them a real classroom experience. It also provides regular performance analysis of students which can help parents to understand their children’s status. It’s a perfect design model. Well done team Illumnus. Kudos!!!

Founded by two brothers Akash Singhal and Akshaya Singhal in May,2018. It’s a SaaS-based B2B learning management software working with the aim of transforming education. It enables close student-teacher collaboration, giving real classroom experience. It also shows regular monitoring of student’s performance.

India is home to the second-highest number of EdTech companies. The Global ed-tech market is expected to grow from USD 43.27 Billion in 2015 to USD 93.76 Billion to 2020. After the COVID impact we can expect a much higher rate in ed-tech as the demand is increasing at a very fast rate.