Acceleration by StartupLanes

Your Startup will need funds for scaling up fast, as soon as you cross the monthly revenue of 2 lakhs per month. You can opt for the Acceleration stage funding by StartupLanes.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. A Private Limited Company registered in India
  2. A team of 3+ Members having at least 2 Co-Founders / Directors
  3. Minimum monthly revenue of INR 2 lakhs for the last 3 months.

Which type of Startups can be funded?

We are sector agnostic, therefore any type of startup can be funded through StartupLanes.

What are the benefits included for Acceleration?

Why should I give equity to StartupLanes for Acceleration?

We provide you the platform to launch your startup. We do the due-diligence and background check to find out the best startups for our investors. We have built a large network in 56 Cities across 15 Countries, our experience and knowledge come along with the network for your startup. We vouch for your startup, help you build and grow rapidly, this gives the confidence to our investors that if StartupLanes has incubated a startup, then it will grow fast, scale up and shall raise funds multiple times.

Your startup gets a good valuation by getting incubated by StartupLanes. It will rise and shine under the advisory, support and guidance of StartupLanes. Following are the specific reasons/benefits for allotting equity to StartupLanes Incubator / Accelerator:

How to apply for Incubation or Acceleration Funding by StartupLanes?

Please follow the steps mentioned here: Funding Application

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