India based startup wins the battle

Bengaluru based company Ola which is already operating in British cities like Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool began operating in London. Whereas its rival company Uber, the world’s largest ride-hailing company lost its commercial license in London as around 14,000 rides were made on fake identities. According to Transport for London Uber is not up to the “fit and proper” requirements. OLA has also extended to Australia beating Uber on an equal level.

According to Simon Smith, the international head of Ola:

They have started hiring tens of thousands of local private drivers and vehicles in the city. They are building a mobility platform that is compliant to Transport for London’s high standard. They are going to solve the mobility issues in the city in an innovative way.

London mayor Sadiq Khan said: “At this stage Transport for London can’t be confident that Uber has the robust processes in place to prevent another serious safety breach in the future.”

Founder of StartupLanes Shishir Gupta says:

Competing the world’s largest company is itself a consequential task. Ola is doing outstandingly great in its sector. Expanding to large cities like London is not only going to be lucrative but also it will help the company in making fruitful image worldwide. Startup culture is growing steadily in India. This will galvanize already running startups and the youths to shoot for a high aim.

Ola an Indian online transport company started by Bengaluru based person Bhavish Aggarwal on 3 December 2010. The company has expanded over 250 cities covering across 15 lakh drivers. As of May 2019 valuing at 6.2 billion dollars, it has diversified to food delivery as well. In February 2019 company has also offshoot its Ola Electric Mobility by raising around 250 million dollars from Soft Bank.