India’s outshining Healthtech startups

Healthtech startups

India has experience of more than 5000 glorious years of the “the life of science”- Ayurveda. The enduring list of scholars in the field of science with their tremendous work brought India to a new level of success. And the zeal of innovation still continues in people.

When the whole world is fighting to the deadly virus COVID-19, India is eulogized for its commendable management of lockdown and also for non-stop work by healthcare professionals. Our fervent entrepreneurs are working day and night to innovate the healthcare sector. 

We have some good startups already ruling the sector with their innovations and ideas like:

Practo: a startup that helps consumers locate doctors and healthcare information, currently closed its series D funding by raising $55million. Covering 15 countries, Co-founded by Shashank ND and Abhinav Lal.

Pharmeasy: is an online medical store and pharmacy, one of the largest pharmacy aggregators in India. It helps patients connect with local pharmacy stores and diagnostic centers in order to fulfill their extensive medical needs. It was founded by Dharmil Shethin in 2015. Recently raised $22Mn from Temasek.

HealthifyMe: is a mobile health & fitness app. It provides calorie tracking, water tracking, and on-the-cloud fitness coaching. In addition to these, the app takes the gamified approach to keep users motivated. It was founded in 2012 by Tushar Vashisht, Mathew Cherian, and Sachin Shenoy. Recently closed its series B. funding with $6Mn.

Nasofilters: came up with the idea of a revolutionary respiratory mask to curb air pollution. It was founded by IIT Delhi alumni Tushar Vyas, Prateek Sharma, and Jatin Kewlani. Using Nanoclean technology, it recently closed pre-series funding with an amount of $600,000.

wellOwise: an AI-driven platform to predict, prevent, and provide personalized management of chronic diseases. It also gives a personalized lifestyle and diet plan. It was co-founded by Manish Kumar and Saher Mehdi.

Healthspace: founded by Shallabh Mittal. It is an integrated technology solution to manage all healthcare needs. It helps patients in managing their health records securely and providing them access to their data and personalized health services, anytime and anywhere, especially when needed most. It helps doctors and healthcare providers connect more effectively with patients and improve their health outcomes. 

Gynoveda Femtech: It was founded in 2017 by Rachana Gupta, Vishal Gupta, and Dr. Aarti Patil. It combines technology and Ayurveda to solve menstrual problems. It also connects with homeopathic doctors. It freshly raised funds from fireside ventures.

If we talk specifically about solutions for COVID-19, India’s leading institutes and companies showing tremendous performance by developing every possible technology like:

  • IIT-Delhi has developed a test kit that promises to reduce the cost of diagnosing Covid-19
  • IIT-Kharagpur have created videos in 12 regional Indian languages — Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu — to ensure awareness about Covid-19
  • IIT-Hyderabad came up with the idea of adopting “bag valve masks”, an existing technology, as an inexpensive, easier-to-make option to address any surge in demand for ventilators.
  • IIT-Bombay developed an app called ‘Corontine’ that can alert authorities about quarantine violations.
  • IT Roorkee and Kanpur have developed low-cost portable ventilators. 
  • IISc Bengaluru and 4IIts came with apps like “GoCoronaGo” and Sampark-o-meter for contact tracing, calculating the risk of coming in contact with a COVID-19 infected person 

In spite of these fruitful innovations we still have more to achieve, we still have loopholes to cover, untapped areas to get benefitted. India has a population of 1.3bn, we need more ideas to reach every corner of the country. Some startups solely focused on primary healthcare are much needed which can work on cost-effective models. Entrepreneurs who can come with the ideas of targeting financial aspects especially for the BPL.

Indian Healthcare industry is growing at a fast rate recorded with some good startups receiving big cheques from investors. 

Healthcare sector is a sphere of astonishing growth, innovation, ideas and much more. The new and upcoming startups can prove themselves as the unicorns of the era.