Indic Inspirations funding

The angel investors from California, India, and Singapore include senior executives from Google, Goldman Sachs, Venture Finance Development Corporation, and Indian entrepreneurs from the Automobile Industry.

Indic Inspirations is a Pune-based cultural Startup that aims to exhibit Indian culture and Heritage through Indic-inspired objects. Founded in 2019 by Sunil Jalihal and Sanjay Anandaram, the startup strives to help Indian artisans by increasing market opportunities and ensuring a fair value for their products. Sunil Jalihal has many years of experience in big IT firms like Wipro, Siemens, and Hewlett-Packard. He has also co-founded technology and social ventures. Indic Inspirations offers unique gifting and souvenir products for consumers and for corporates, not only in India, but abroad.

With the raised funding, the startup intends to grow its platform by enhancing its Design, marketing, and distribution channels. Keeping up with the ‘Made in India’ and ‘Local for Vocal’ movement, Indic Inspirations aspires to support the local artisans by creating a sustainable value for their MADE IN INDIA products.

Speaking about the angel funding, Sunil Jalihal, Founder and CEO of Indic Inspirations, said, “India with its rich culture, heritage, traditions, and its achievements, it is sad that we don’t have products and souvenirs that represent them. On the contrary, other countries are monetizing our ideas and concepts like Yoga and Haldi. We aim to tap a Rs. 10,000 crores Indian souvenir market with our collection of products. And with the ongoing buzz around ‘Make in India’ and ‘Indian Pride’ along with consumers and corporates looking for alternatives to Chinese Products, the opportunities are endless to revive our arts and crafts and artisanal earnings.”

Indic Inspirations is also a member of the Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises(NICE) which is co-founded by Mr. Sanjay Anandaram. NICE is a non-profit organization that supports and encourages entrepreneurs to grow their Indian cultural businesses globally by providing them with workshops, training, mentoring, and networking. It also helps the entrepreneurs in connecting with investors through events, contests, pitch sessions, and challenges.

Speaking about the investment, Mr. Sanjay Anandaram said, “NICE as an organization is nurturing cultural entrepreneurs, enabling investments, and fostering an ecosystem. We are pleased to be a part of Indic Inspirations’ journey to create a profitable and impactful cultural venture”.

Apart from gifts and souvenirs, Indic Inspirations also designs, manufactures, packages, and markets home décor. Their products give a glimpse of the art and culture of India, Science, History, Spirituality, Mythology, Dance, Mountains, Wildlife Parks, Festivals, Cities, Monuments, Yoga, and the Vedas- aspects of India’s rich tapestry, themselves inspired by India’s rich art and Indian crafts traditions. The company is empowering Indian artisans to get a fair market value for their products and in helping them increase their income. It is supporting the Indian artisan community for social empowerment and growth of local communities and cultural community. Their products represent the rich culture and tradition of India and help not only the Indian artisans but also the customers to get back their pride in their own heritage.