InfoEdge Invests in Terra Economics and Analytics Lab.

A top internet investor, InfoEdge has invested Rs. 5cr in a real estate intelligence startup, Terra Economics and Analytics Lab (TEAL).

The investment of Rs. 5 cr from InfoEdge is crucial for Terra Economics and Analytics Lab (TEAL) for strengthing its position on the real estate technology segment.

Info Edge has also acquired stakes in portals like Zomato and Policybazaar. The company owns 31% in the former and 10% in the latter. In addition to this  InfoEdge has recently announced to invest Rs. 310 crores ($45 million) in Etechaces Marketing, the holding company of Policybazaar. 

The startup – Terra Economics & Analytics Lab (TEAL) is building an end-to-end decision support platform for land and property in India for banks, housing finance companies, NBFCs, real estate/infrastructure developers and retail investors. Our analytical tools and services will utilize collated, organized and interpreted data from land records, property registrations, tax filings, court mandates, land-use regulations, master plans, cadastral surveys, infrastructure plans, municipal by-laws, building codes and planning requirements. It is bringing together a team of top engineers, researchers and lawyers to work on solving multiple problems associated with the state of land and property data in India.

Through their tools and data, for every property, it can give you information about property ownership, registration status, disputes, tax compliance history and all other information that you will need to make a safe and secure property investment.

This information, you can protect you against fraud in the property market and also protects you from potential disputes and risk from investing in growing markets.

Shishir Gupta, The Founder of StartupLanes says:

Tera is solving the right problem of the real estate sector. I expect this startup to grow continuously as the market size is huge. The innovation brought by the technology of Terra Economics & Analytics Lab is amazing. The current size of the real estate market is already USD 120 billion dollar and it is expected to grow further. This industry already employs 55 million people now and this number will continue to rise. I expect Tera will outperform all the peers.

Contact Details:

Terra Economics & Analytics Lab (TEAL) – A1 / 20 Safdarjang Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110029, IN