Job Posting Guidelines

StartupLanes has a WhatsApp Group for each city. Entrepreneurs can join that city WhatsApp group in which they are residing. Joining the SL WhatsApp group will provide a platform for corporate connect and networking for entrepreneurs. With the help of this platform, you can upload unique job posts.

All members should follow the guidelines as mentioned below:

1. Only Text-based messages are allowed. In case an image or video is needed to be shared, a text should prefix before the image/video in the template format as prescribed.

2. Only one unique job post is allowed in one day.

3. If members reply to your promotional posts, you should ask them to discuss them in the personal window.

4. Please refer to the templates for post contents. 


Dear SLites,  I am the <Founder/Co-Founder> of <Startup Name>. We require staff for our startup. <Few lines about your startup, maximum 200 words>.  I need your help in finding the right employee.  Details  Job Title:   Salary:  Location:  Mandatory Skills/Qualifications:  Please contact: <Person Name> <Email Id> <Phone Number>