Krinati Solutions Private Limited – eSourcing, Auctions and Contract Management

Krinati Solutions Private Limited founded by V R Shankar, Gold Member of StartupLanes.

Krinati Solutions Private Limited is incorporated on 05 July 2018. It is classified as a Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Mumbai.

What is the problem Krinati Solutions is trying to solve?
Most companies find it difficult to collaborate with their suppliers in real-time and also maintain an audit trail of the supplier communication. Considering that most companies spend >50% of their revenue on procuring goods & services, this is an important function to manage. In addition, customers are not sure if supplier prices are tested competitively enough.
Team Collaboration while conducting sourcing events is also a challenge.
Knowledge Management within procurement teams is a challenge due to which team productivity is very low. Contracts are not managed effectively with contract obligations posing a threat to the business.

How does Krinati address the problem?
Krinati Solutions offers an innovative solution that will solve all of the above-mentioned problems. While there are many solution providers that conduct just reverse auctions.
Krinati is the only company (in the world perhaps), that offers a holistic Esourcing solution that aims to offer maximum value to its customers.
The solution leverages team collaboration and knowledge management to address challenges within a sourcing cycle.
Reverse Auctions help negotiate better rates with suppliers in a fair manner. Upload contracts and assign contract tasks to individuals to manage contract obligations with ease.
Krinati aims to target the SME segment as well and help them gain maximum mileage of the proven best practices of larger organizations.

What is the uniqueness of Krinati’s offerings?

Krinati Sourcing has several unique differentiators, which have been endorsed by leading industry veterans. The ease of using pricing sheets (similar to excel spreadsheets) is vital to ensuring adoption. This is a key differentiator for Krinati vs any competition in the world.
The UI is refreshing and requires minimal training for the end-users. The solution comes bundled with Contract Management and Supplier Management to effectively close the sourcing cycle loop at both ends.
The promoter, V R Shankar, is an industry veteran and well respected for his domain expertise. His experience in delivering customer success will be something that competition cannot match.