Learn how to nourish and sell your brand with Dr. Swarupa Senapati

With a boost from the Indian government through the Startup India Program, the Indian startup ecosystem is now the third-largest in the world. With an increase in ease of doing business and government incentives, more and more startups are emerging constantly. Big firms and investors are also coming forward to fund these startups. But with an increase in the number of startups comes high competition. Even if you are offering unique products or services, how do you plan to nourish and sell your brand?

Dr. Swarupa Senapati answers this question in the Founder’s Meet organized by StartupLanes. Dr. Swarupa is a scientist in the field of pharma, nutrition, and cosmetic research and has worked with prominent companies like Loreal. She is also a founder of Frangipani Ayurveda which deals with handmade natural and organic cosmetics.

She shares her insights about how to sell your brand and penetrate into the market that is predominated by multinational corporations. Most entrepreneurs do not have the right skill set or the right intention for selling their brand and focus primarily on generating profits. Dr. Swarupa points out that the brand should be customer-centric and focus on delivering wellness to the customers to stand out from the crowd.

Talking about her personal experiences, Dr. Swarupa reveals that she has successfully built a strong base of loyal customers. She says that the customers should feel heard and respected. They will trust the brand more if they feel that their feedbacks truly matter.

Dr. Swarupa says that having the right skillset and strategies is more important than having fancy degrees and only eyeing profits.