Learn how to use LinkedIn for business with Mr. Dudigama Shiv Kumar

Mr. Dudigama Shiva Kumar is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Organic Growth Expert, who helps startups grow their brand and generate leads. He also runs his own marketing agency. In the Founders Meet organized by StartupLanes, he talks about how entrepreneurs can grow their business through LinkedIn. With 87 million millennials and 11 million professionals holding decision-making positions, LinkedIn is an unexplored platform and can help you generate organic leads.

The most important thing to consider while growing your business through LinkedIn is ‘Profile Optimization’ which is overlooked by most users. To optimize your LinkedIn profile, keep the following areas in mind:

Profile URL: Profile URL is overlooked by most users while optimizing their LinkedIn profiles. By default, your LinkedIn profile URL is a combination of letters and numbers. This should be changed to your name while excluding any irrelevant characters.

Profile Photo: Make sure that the profile photo you use on LinkedIn is professional and appropriate. Refrain from leaving it blank or using any pictures of you traveling or doing something. Your profile picture should be a good headshot of you.

Cover Photo: You can use this space to show your strengths, your services, your mission statement, your website, or how people can contact you. Your profile photo and cover photo are the first things that a user comes across on your profile. Therefore, make sure that they give a clear idea about you and your services.

Headline: The headline appears right below your profile picture and should include details about your target audience, how can they benefit from you, and also list down your top three keywords.

For example, I help Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Consultants to generate more leads on LinkedIn l Marketing l Branding l Social Media.

About: In the about section, you can add details about who you were before starting your career, who are you at present, what services you offer, which companies you have worked with, and how can people contact you. You can also flaunt your achievements or strengths in this section.

After successfully optimizing your profile, connect with your target audience and post content that is relevant to them. 50-70% of inbound leads could be closed through proper content. LinkedIn posts that have only text content perform better. Therefore, you should focus mostly on talking about your niche and don’t forget to engage with the content of other users.

Keep in mind this content framework—Hook, Story, Offer, Call To Action (CTA).

Hook is the first sentence of your post. This should create a curiosity among other users to keep reading through the post. The content of your post should tell a story and offer your services to the audience. Lastly, for Call To Action, you can provide links to your website to enable users to visit it.

In your posts, you can talk about your business, your services, case studies, or your success/failure stories. Make sure to maintain a 70:30 ratio. 70% of your posts should be business-related and 30% should be about stories from your personal life. Also, keep a check on the type of content that works for you. Although text-only content performs better, it is purely subjective and may vary from person to person. If video posts are working well for you, keep your focus on them.

Here is a list of tools that will help you in availing the full potential of the platform:

Resume Worded: This tool helps to rank your profile and would also reveal which section of your profile is lacking. This is a 100% free tool and you only have to visit their website and enter your profile URL to avail the service.

Shieldapp.ai: This is another tool that gives you the analytics of your content along with that of your followers.

Find That Lead: With this tool, you can get the email address of any person. You can also easily generate leads from cold emailing.

Loom: This is a video recording tool that can be used to record videos that can be posted on LinkedIn or any social media platform.

Crystal Knows: This tool can tell you the personality of any profile on LinkedIn.

Lemlist: This is an email marketing tool that can be used to do email campaigns or to get emails. Any email that you send using Lemlist will directly go to the primary folder of your prospects.

Hunter.io: You can use this tool to find anyone’s email address in seconds.

The above-mentioned tips and tools are vital to creating a personal brand. Other ways in which you can build a personal brand are by publishing ebooks, creating consistent content, positioning yourself as an expert in LinkedIn, marketing yourself, engaging with other’s content, and starting a blog.