LeenTaas Funding: raises 40 million Dollars

LeenTaas raises 40 million Dollars from Goldman Sach’s in Series C3 round of financing.

LeenTaas which offers advance data science to improve the operational performance of hospitals and clinics raises 40 million Dollars from Goldman Sach’s in Series C3 funding round.  Previously, Insight Partners over three prior funding rounds invested around 61 million Dollars. Now the total amount brings to 101 million dollars within the last 24 months.

“LeenTaas has developed a powerful prescriptive analytics platform that helps bend the access and cost curves in health systems, enabling customers to achieve tangible operational improvements” said Antoine Munfa, a Managing Director with Goldman Sach’s Merchant Banking Division.

Founder of StartupLanes, Shishir Gupta says: Focusing on Healthcare is the need of time as non-communicable are increasing day by day. Also new diseases are growing about which we have no idea. There are many areas in the world where people don’t have access to primary healthcare sytem. I think it’s a good initiative and can be replicated in India as well. Congratulations to the team.

LeenTaas was founded in 2010 by Mohan Giridharadas. It provides software solutions that combine lean principles, predictive analysis, and machine learning to transform hospital and infusion center operations. Using LeanTaas technology, healthcare institutions are developing optimized schedules that are tailored to each site and can rapidly reduce patient’s waiting time and also reduce operating costs by increasing patient access and satisfaction as well as proper asset utilization. It is based in Santa Clara, California, and Charlotte, North Carolina