Member Guidelines

Entrepreneurs who want their startup to move from its paper stage to the development stage can take SL Membership. StartupLanes Membership has many benefits like business growth, mentorship, corporate connect, franchising support and others. StartupLanes Membership is divided into three levels: Silver Membership, Gold Membership, and Platinum Membership. You can take any membership according to your will.

Each member whether free, silver or gold should follow the guidelines below: 

1. Each member should select working at StartupLanes.com as their current work title at LinkedIn. They should mention their title as “Entrepreneur” at “StartupLanes.com”. This will help them receive all the updates by other members and the core management of StartupLanes along with that they can be easily searched at LinkedIn. This will grow their business and provide them great exposure. They will also be able to see the connections of each other. StartupLanes doesn’t create a separate list of Entrepreneurs in the Eco-system, they are searched on LinkedIn only, through this method.

2. Each member should like the StartupLanes Facebook Page and also join the Facebook  Group for Entrepreneurs.

3. Each member should come for the StartupLanes meetup happening in his/her city regularly.

4. Each member should stay in regular touch with the Chapter Director.

5. Each member should contribute something meaningful to the group every day.

6. Each member should focus upon helping the group members, first, you should be a giver and then a taker.

7. Each member should check the group at least twice a day. 8. Each member should fill in his/her details in the form. You may be removed if we don’t have your details in the form.

9. Each member should ensure that his/her WhatsApp group isn’t on mute.

10. Each member should connect with the Regional Director at least once a month.